Wednesday, December 8, 2010

after a long time..........

Halo everyone :D
My blog is sooooooooo dead.!
More than 100days din update edi.
I'm a good blogger tat manage to update almost everyday last time.
But not for now :(
Maybe I'll update more often after i went to Singapore due to my boredom ?
Hmm, actually i'm kinda worry how would my life at there.
Must be kinda suffering thought.
Need some times to make myself suit the environment thr.
1more thing, MY ENGLISH!
OMG, hopefully i used to it laa T________T
and please wish me all the best at thr such as got a good job, got a room and bla bla!
Alright, 1more paper to go for my STPM, it's account paper.
Today's account paper is sooooooo worse, really like wat-am-I-writing actually ? o.O
Aiks, wish me dun failed it.
God bless *pray pray PRAY* 

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