Sunday, February 21, 2010


1st day of CNY =)
CNY holidays ended.
happiness moments flew so fast !
gotta back to school 8 hours later.
promised myself no outings with frens too often.
it's time to work hard.
but can i do it ?
hopefully i can.
STPM this year.
felt scared. worried.
it's was an important exam.
hmm, still need to face it anyway.
this year CNY was kinda different with past few years.
good or bad ? it's hard to ans.
but it was just a part of it.
life, can be different if u think it from different point of view.
mayb there were many challenges, but the decision is still on our hand for how we gonna pass through it.
this few days was kinda emo, thinking tat 'wat is life and what we live for?'
thinking tat there might be many answer from different people.
back to topic, CNY.
the most happy moment is havin dinner with my family @ Hotel Panorama.
it's was so warm for me.
oh yea, i did gamble on yesterday!!
long long time no gamble for fun edi.
although lose le, but still enjoy the process =)
p/s : the CNY post will be update when i'm feel free ^ ~ ^

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