Tuesday, February 23, 2010

like this ^ ~ ^

life only once.
why don't we fully use it wisely?
why don't we keep on learning for update ourself?

life is short.
we should enjoy life.
we should appreaciate.

what is friends?
we still hav 9 months to stay in a same class for having lessons.
after graduated, will us still remember each other tat we are classmates before?

this is briefly bout wat Pn. Chee told us today.
hav a fun lesson with her today !
she is great teacher, wife and mother, maybe?

life is short.
we should enjoy it and no regret.

Encik Roslan said,
most important is happy.
you can change ur partner when u felt bored with him/her.
why not and why care so much as long as u happy ?

i realise tat we no need too pandang berat for several things.
this is because life only once, take it easy !
it's our life, we can decide it.
what for make our life difficult ?

life is full of unexpected.
we really duno wat wil happen on next second.
so, enjoy our life and appreaciate every second.
some people live happily because of their satisfaction ♥

besides, account teacher oso told us :
'the one who owez complain is the one who not efficient.'
this is because the people cant suit themselve with the situition.
if we cant change the the situition, den we should change ourselve.

p/s : this is life. this is world =)
thanks teachers taught a lots today =3

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