Monday, April 12, 2010

a real short post :)

oh yea, i'm lazy here ~
so this will be a very very simple post :)
last week was quite a fun week.
cuz having many activities in school.

monday - treasure hunt. felt kinda fresh cuz some games is not repeating the previous 1. tired but fun! get 3rd among 12groups :D

wednesday - practice for 'senaman 1 Malaysia', which this coming wed we need to guide the lower forms to senam together xD we having fun at tat afternoon :D

friday - joined monopoly competition, super long time didn't play edi. felt so excited and happy when playing with Qian, yin and kenny wai. I'm the poorest when the game ended, while Yin won in my group :D

the activities above was organize by PSS due to it's was PSS week.

friday, after tuition, went to look for Yuki @ Low Yat again :D
went to full house with Yuki, Qian, Sky and Lucas around 9pm.
had a happy moment with them, thanks a lots ~
there were just few pics at here due to need wait long time to upload >.<*

today went for Sushi Bonanza with classmates @ Leisure Mall after school.
there were 18 of us :D
fullllllllllll now ~
*satisfied* ^~^

wish all of us Happy Schooling :)

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