Sunday, April 4, 2010


i'm here again to talk bout my days :P
quite a busy week but it's real fun ~

due to last Sat can't get to watch movie v dearies, Mon went to watch @ Leisure after school.

Just Another Pandora Box is really funny and consider not bad :)

hav our tea time @ Boston before the movie.

Garlic bread with mushroom soup is owez our favourite ^~^


thanks Yin's papa fetch me back on tat day :)

Tues - lunch time @ Wong Kok.

Thursday when reached home, received Yuki message, I miss her so much ~

promised before wanna to be her listener, so I did meet her up ^~^

reached there at nearly 6pm.

den start search for food cuz Yuki starving edi due to she skip her earlier meals :P

Vivo Restaurant owez our final choice ~

eat eat eat and chat chat chat, it's was real niceeee :D

around 8pm went to Low Yat Plaza, this time hav da pleasure to saw Ms Lim !!

couple of months didn't see her edi, my ex-assistance manager ~

quite a nice person of her, chat chat chat den around 9pm edi.

it's time to back home and do my homeworks before went to bed.

sleep at around 12am tat day, then next morning woke up late and rush to prepare myself >.<


side-dish ? xDcheesy = fats xD^~^:)hearts her much ~

stopped PA tuition for this month with a reasonable reason :D

so, after school went to hav lunch @ Maluri with Qian and Yin.

seem that still hav some free time, decided back home rest a while before went for economic tuition class.

feel great! cuz normally after school straight went to tuition until 6.30pm *pity!!*


breakfast on sat ^~^

wholegrain bread v kaya magarine ~Saturday after tuition class, went to a place called ιœζ€ζ›Έθ»’ for study.

this is a placed suggested by Sky, i really love the place a lots ! *thanks yea*

it's really a good choice for everyone who prefer silent when reading, better concentration.

rose tea~nice environment ~

leave tat place around 5.30pm cuz Yin and Qian not so free.
after reached home, suggested go for badminton seems i'm free and in good mood :D

Sunday, muscle pain >.<

morning went to breakfast with mummy.

den back home rest a while and dress up out to KLCC and maluri Jusco ^~^

cutie ~conclusion, enjoyable week!

thanks to my family and frens :D

Happy Belated Birthday to my Daddy ~

*3rd of Apr*

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