Sunday, March 21, 2010


*sweep sweep* *mop mop*

phew, many dust ~ xD
more den 3 weeks din update my blog edi.
felt like no tat mood to blogging edi, keep delay it =S
the past de den lazy update edi le, let's talk about tis week - H.O.L.I.D.A.Y.S !
last saturday after tuition, 3besties came my house for 'study group'.
oh well, they said wanna teach me cook, so porridge as da choice!
easier wat ^~^ hahah
luckily Miyi reach on time, if not i cook de porridge sooner become rice edi =X
at last, the results was great, yummy delicious *Teeheeee*
1st time cook with frens, kinda fun =D
our lunch quite nice oso, it included:-

main dished: porridge, egg v onion , salted egg (cooked by us)
sauce : marmite (supplied by Pui yin)
desserts: Big apple doughnuts (supplied by Miyi' bf)
drinks: a bottle of soya bean each (supplied by Sky)

ended up, study nothing as expected.
but den really hav fun with them ^~^

SUNDAY, 14 MAC 2010
went for econ extra class at Pudu.
1st time tuition on sunday after so long time. . .
but den still okay la, Subra class kinda relax oso d ~
went to Low Yat Plaza before meet my mum up at sg wang =D
visited Angus, Yuki, Feng Wei and Jazz.
thanks Angus for leading me to visit AA, it's really kinda different edi.
congratz to AA too cuz 2more shops opening soon at Times Square ^~^
shopping with mum and hav our tea time @ 3rd floor forget the restaurant name edi xD
i bought a Jeans Long Pant !!
er, i really very less wear long jeans 1.
Kinda excited to wear it on Fri as promised =)

MONDAY, tuition PA in the early morning.
9.30am to 11.30am, all the way to Petaling Street just for 2hours class ?
no way, so tat date my mama Yin after tuition.
at first tot go to watch movie de, but den tak jadi.
so ended up accompany her bought movie tickets for tues @ Pavilion.
after tat den hav our lunch at Wong KoK restaurant.
1st time chat so much with Yin mama, not bad not bad xD

TUESDAY, sing k with sumone.
den hav tea time at Gasoline.
while classmates watch Alice in Wonderland.
after tat den meet up with da 3besties again, for 'Big Head Photos' !
quite an enjoyable day =D

after hav fun for the few previous day, den it's time to stay at home x.x
online, watch movie, do homeworks as wat i had done is these 2days.
good huh? it's boring and i'm gonna rust!
thurs night went to yam cha at Station 1, kinda relax and thanks a lots =)
tml can go for tuition le =D
at least not tat boring..
favourite: Mocha Chips Blended.
FRIDAY, 19 MAC 2010
such a tired day!
woke up early in d morning.
Pa class started at 9.30am to 12pm, den another pa class at 12.30pm to 2pm.
account class at 2.30 to 5.30pm.
after waited 1hour for account class, clerk said tat the class cancelled.
good news or bad news ? hahah
den me and Qian went to Low Yat for print photos.
attented econ class at 5pm to 6.30pm.
really blur blur and no mood during econ class >.<
finally tuition classes for tat day ended !!
and we went to Low Yat again to take pendrive from my fren.
hav our dinner at thr too, Hainan Restaurant which is our dinner when working at AA =D
before back home went to Cheras Selatan jusco and mum bought me a Padini bag ^~^
love it much, thanks mum =3
breakfast- sandwich by Alison *thanks*
felt sooooooo LAZY when awake.
thinking, wanna go tuition? can i skip account class?
but at last, of cuz still is going for it as i'm 'good student'? xD
after class den went to The Garden and hav lunch at Delifrance :)
watched Remember me at The Garden too !!
not bad for me, he's smart and she's adorable =D
after the movie around 4pm+.
seen nothing to do den date my Qian as the reason of jogging xD
went to the park at Alam Damai walk around and chit chat.
around 7pm den went to night market @ Tmn Midah.
i think i'm first time walk thr d nitez market oni, kaka.
quite an relax day, thanks a lots to my frens again ^~^

SUNDAY, hav breakfast @ Pappa Rich before go for tuition.
after tuition den hav lunch with mum @ Old Town before back home.
tml gotta back to school edi.
time flew so fast!
it's time to face da coming STPM exam.
hopefully i can hardworking a bit ler ~
all my frens, JIA YOU !!

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