Sunday, March 28, 2010

happy moments overed ='(

hellooo =D

here am I to update my blog again. .

now edi 10pm, lazy lazy but den still felt like I should update @.@

so here was a short post for tis week (hopefully it's wun comes to a long post later, muahaha)

almost whole week account teacher didn't come, NICE !

the 2nd day of schooling have kinda many homeworks.

so here it's come the 1st time my class was so silent and almost all of us doing homework eventhough no teacher in class *claps*

this week was kinda excited after my sis confirmed tat she will come back.

her birthday held on 27th Mac and she spent the day with me ^~^

saturday after tuition went to meet her at Pavilion.

hav our lunch at Crystal Jade as i didn't go before.

shop around at Pavi and Lot 10 and sungei wang, kinda long time din shop v her edi na.

heheh, kinda fun ~

after tired of walking den went back Pavi again to hav some desserts, MOF as my choice =D yummy-licious, imma lovin' it :P

all the spend of today was treat by me cuz of her bday, wat a good sis am I xD

around evening, we went to meet up mum @ Maluri jusco.

Mc nugget as our snack before went back home.

breakfast in da morning.



hand-made bday card.

when it's almost reach home, den Sky suggest went to 'yau che hor' c c whether many ppl turn off light anot during the 1hour.

part of The mines, KLCC, KL tower and Times Square did turned off light ~

den went to look out point purposely c da different before back home.

really was a superb tired day cuz the night before just slept 3hours+ den woke up at 6am+ and went out until 10pm+ oni reached home x.x

so the night slept at 11pm and today went to extra tuition class in d morning again =)

didn't go much places today, after tuition den hav lunch at Boston before back home.

happy moments and happy weekend was overed, i shouldn't be too excited before tis cuz bad feeling comes to me now ='(

aiks, but den no choice lo, life is like tis de ma..


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