Friday, October 2, 2009

celebration 2.

first day tuition PA at college bandar.
back home took a shower before go for tuition.
tot wanna reach earlier den usual de.
who know i'm too clever dunno need to get down bus at menara maybank tat station.
so back to hang tuah thr again and get another bus to tuition center x.x
tuition ended and it's the time to enjoy !~
went to ming yee house for mid-autumn festival mini celebration.
she prepared fried mihun for our dinner, her cooking not bad eh.
about 8pm start our play candle and lantern session.
Qian Rong, wei yuan, ming yee, ming yee's bro and sis were all there.
really such a long time din play candle and lantern edi.
all tat was my childhood memories.
so kinda enjoy it :D
it's ended about 9pm+ and the night is still young.
so Qian suggested go to look out point as i told her before i wish to go.
we chat a lots and share a lots all the way to there.
be strong ya, my dear Qian !
owez beside you for the support =)
the night view really kinda nice as i'm first time there.
yam cha and hav some snack at gasonline.
the windy weather was great while saw fireworks and it's lower den me xP
about 12.30am home sweet home !
such a nice day =)
me >>Qian, me, ming yee.
it's cum to the end.Look Out Point.
night view.

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