Thursday, October 15, 2009


havin kinda a good mood today.
why ?
i think it is because of :-

1. holidays
2. thinking go to sushi after school
3. tml wanna go s'pore visit my sis :D

after finished school, totally 12 of us went to Queen's park for sushi bonanza.
Wen Yi and Ida drove to there, 7 of us in wen yi's car and havin a good mood. .
wait only a while for our turn.
but den hav not much choices there.
so suggested go to leisure mall for second round.
7 of us leave there about 4.30pm and excited for it.
everthings changed after the robbery.
W.T.F !! so young den search for work la. .
wanna rob us students, tak tau malu kah ?
some more bring along ur toys gun, really so S.H.*.T !
careful catch by police some day lo . .
it's really shock us !
so the plan cancelled and eveyone heading to home.
no one noe it will happen, so sudden.
grateful tat no ones hurts.
everyone out there must careful and be alert !!

pics of today..

hamper for bola jaring competition..
sushi n dear ming yee =)
ida n sin hong..kai xin n ida..

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