Friday, October 9, 2009

yea !

last sunday.
weeT !~
finally home sweet home. .
felt tat today travel quite a long journey . .
how long ? let's see !
~ 30mins go to school ~
~ 30mins back home ~
~ 1hour 10mins go to tuition ~
~ 1hour back from tuition ~
~ 1hour - go to KL buy tickets ~
~ 1hour - back home from buy tickets ~
totally almost 5hours of journey. .
almost can reach singapore edi, hahah xD
beside tat, i'm kinda lucky too !
how to say ? let's see !
raining before i go to tuition, stop raining when i heading for lunch.
raining when i'm on the way to tuition, stop raining when i'm reached.
walk to tuition center without know the direction, but i found the right way.
reached accurately 4.30pm and i'm not late.
thanks GOD :D
tomorrow will be a busy day again.
hopefully we all can enjoy it :)

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