Saturday, October 3, 2009

mid-autumn festival :)


today back home straight after tuition.
as a good daughther accompany mum on mooncake festival ^^
ate a small piece of mooncake just now cuz still full after dinner.
many people didn't get to see the moon today.
included my lonely sis @ singapore, miss her much~
actually it's covered by cloud edi.
felt tat quite lucky i really did saw the moon just now !!
mum told me the moon was thr but i not believe at start.
cuz just saw a lil' white light.
den after few second i really saw the full moon, kinda hapi :D
but just a while and it's covered by cloud again.
only can c for a while and can't c for a while lidat.
my mum told me the moon was shy, hahah !
gonna sleep soon!
sugar dreams everyone =)
picnic ~

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