Wednesday, October 14, 2009

this few days.

helloooooooooooo, i'm back :)
oh yea, here some late updates for past few days.

10 Oct 2009, SAT

went to tuition as usual at afternoon.

there was a hari raya open house at Pn. Rosinah house at evening.

totally 15 of us heading to there right after tuition.

first time went to raya open house, wanna 'open eye sight' xD

but den felt kinda boring and not-in-good-mood during the open house.

overall, everythings okay okay. .

eat, play some games and captured.

here some pics of the day :)

look like nerd? xoxo searching. . . .look short @.@rebut-makanan-time :Dyum ?mari makan bersama-sama :Dta-da, finished !titbits time.tee-heeee !!
group photos.

it ended about 9pm+.

time to balik rumah.

but seem tat happy season restaurant was nearby.

so wei yuan, Qian and me decided to pay a visit before back home.

although knew it was nearby but dunno the direct location.

search search search and ask people, finally we manage to reached there !!

winter as our choice :)

the decoration not bad thou, wanna try out another 3 season next time ^^

reached home around 12am++ and i was exhausted !!

here it is :Dwinter room.

chio right ?niceeee ~

11 Oct 2009, SUN

went to beauty expo held at PWTC with mummy today.

it was a fair for hair care, skin care, cosmetic and many more.

this was second time i went there.

the very first time is went to education fair with wilson and terrance.

quite a long time din contact with them huh, miss the moment :)

bought hair treatment and some mask on tat day.

den went to hav mcD at The Mall which opposite PWTC.

such a relax day :)

registeration counter.when i was still young xD

12 Oct 2009, MON

i skip my class today.

felt kinda lazy once woke up.

decided skip school in 1minutes.

den i sms ming yee inform her and continue my comfortable sleeping journey :D

who knows my dear ming yee skip the school too, she tot tat pui yin not goin.

i'm sorry tat left pui yin alone >.<*

kinda regret tat not going to school today.

firstly, nothing to do and boring in house.

secondly, my classmates went to sushi bonanza after school !!

miss the precious moment with them ~

kinda guilty tat i wasted my whole day time !! >.<*

13 Oct 2009, TUES

went to sushi bonanza at leisure mall for dinner with mummy today.

queue up for 1hour and enjoy da yummy-licious sushi :D

luckily get to eat wat we wanted to eat if not wasted edi.

14 Oct 2009, WED

felt like many things happened recently.

is it u had changed ? or i had changed ?

if i had changed means she had changed too.

cuz we had same opinion.

felt tat u not concern about this .

is it really doesn't matter for u ?

yea, of cuz i knew u hav many frens.

friendship forever, hopefully it really exist among us :)

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