Sunday, January 17, 2010

2nd week =)

doing homework :D
the second week of schooling is past in a blink of eye !
the sweet classmates did celebrate December and January babies in class ^~^
this week start hav full attendence in class.
get some souvenir from Dear Qian and Yin which bought at Japan.
they oso bought my bday presiee at there and imma lovin it !
it's was my favourite Mickey :D
friday went to tuition as usual.
when on the way going to pudu lrt station from plaza rakyat, me and Qian miss the station !
talk too much until forgotten xD
luckily din late to tuition *teehee*
mr. Subra told us a lots of truth stories during the lesson.
found tat it's was many unfair in Malaysia !
but, we can't do anythings. *wat a sad case*
ytd went to Genting for Sky' bday celebration .
nice weather, nice temperature and mist !!
reached home bout 1.30am and woke up around 7.30am for tuition preparation.
had my breakfast before tuition =)
once tuition class ended den back home straight due to i'm really sooooo sleepy.
but den din take nap oso le, done my homeworks first as i'm gud student xD
suggest go for jogging during the evening.
but den it's raining so we did juz jog for a while and enjoy playing at the playground :D
hmm, sumthing unpredicted happened today.
i'm sorry !

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