Saturday, January 9, 2010

fun day =D

the first week of schooling days ended !
erm, kinda good oso de, not as bad as i thought..
hav fun with my-beloved-crazy-classmates sumtimes :D
today consider a fun day for me
woke up before 8am to prepare myself.
went out at 8.30am and have breakfast at oldtown * i drive lea xD *
breakfast ♥
as expected, late to tuition again cuz 9am they oni can take order.
30mins for breakfast den reached there almost 10am edi * class at 9.30am =X *
today most on paper 1, so no need tat headache, next week onward den pity edi =S
class ended at 12.30pm.
den Siow Ee, Sin Hong, Ida, Kai Yang, Chan Hoong, Wen Yi and me went to times square meet up with Wei ern, Pui Yan, Jie Hua and Jing Mun to hav our lunch at T-bowl !
T-bowl is a concept reataurant and the concept is TOILET BOWL ~
kinda cute of it :)
Yi Ling and Wen Hui join us too after schooling.

oops !group pics~
after lunch, window shopping with Sin Hong, Pui Yan and Wei Ern ^~^
leave there around 4pm and kinda tired edi. *i drive again*
but den still dun felt like go in when i'm reached home.
so my fren teach me parking and but now i'm still not skill on it x.x
seen tat the 'evening is still young', so went to Tai Zi Restaurant yum cha. *i drive oso :P*
around 7.30pm fetch my mum along and went to Cheras Selatan jusco.
mum window shopping while me and sky went to 'throw basketball'.
kinda fun :D
reached home bout 9pm and these is my day ~
i did drive quite some distances today leh and imma lovin' it !
1st time fetch Qian and Sin Hong, muahaha.

hope can enjoy my life owez ♥

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