Friday, January 1, 2010

1st post in year 2010 =D

weeT !~
first post in year 2010 ^~^
yesterday is quite a not-bad-day.
a call from my fren woke me up -.-
den went for lunch with him near leisure mall .
my fren suggested go for a movie after da lunch.
guess wat ? Alvin and the chipsmunk AGAIN for 3rd times ! hahah
back home den online, watch tv and do some homeworks to filled up my free time.
in da evening bout 7pm, a secondary school fren - Dachen rang me up said he cuming back from Kampar and ask for a countdown outing later.
seen tat had been long time no see, so i decided to joined them :D
bout 9.30pm Dachen and Joel fetch me from home and went to fetch another fren - Hakken.
before i get into the car, there were a funny things happened.
Joel tot my neighbour is me and ask her to get into the car.
who knows, the neighbour really get into the car !!
after a second, Dachen said she not Kwan Lian, isn't it ? xD
both of them keep laughing when i get into car and i tot wat's the wrong with them.
really such a good experience for them L0L
the journey of going to Genting really frighten me a lots !
they go by using the old road to avoid traffic jam.
it's was really OMG !
there were no road light, no cars, few old sign board, the road bengkang-bengkok and both side of the road was trees ??!
this is the very first time i think, it's was like so advanterous for me and i hope i'm dreaming at tat moment !
i keep asking should we patah balik ? are you sure this way can go Genting ? x.x
sumore due to the road had no cars so Dachen was worried and he drove kinda fast while it's was so dark T.T
no next time for using the old road in the night, PLEASE =S
i think you all wouldn't understand it unless you try it, or mayb i worried too much ? xD
anyway, luckily the way really can reach there, hahah!
there were super jam start from before the middle hill.
beside the reason of many cars, quite some cars broke down and accidents.
when it's 12am, many cars oso stop beside the road and c fireworks ^~^
we finally reached there bout 1.30am+ !
hav a walk at there and it's edi 3.30am.
tot wanna hav supper before came back d, but den Hakken gonna work today so cancelled ~
there were still a little jam on the way come back.
reached Hakken hse edi 5am le.
den Joel suggested go to Look out point and if can c the sunrise oso.
but den restaurant were closed and half hill all is malays.
so i suggested McD luh.
back home around 6am +.
this is the very first time out until this early morning back home lei ~
quite a good experience huh !
wish everyone all the best in year 2010 !

a party in Genting Arena. juz hav a look inside :)them.
glow in the dark bowling~

breakfast :Dnew year present, appreaciate =)

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