Saturday, January 2, 2010

school reopen soon !

yesterday morning after the new year celebration can't sleep well since get onto bed on 7am.
woke up once at 9am and 10am and felt kinda suffer.
at last get into my sweet dreams and woke up around 2pm.
online a while and went out shopping with mummy.
in da evening, mum gonna attend a ceremony and i'm alone in house.
bout 10.30pm mummy haven back and i only went out for my dinner-supper with fren.
went to pandan indah and Tsim Dung restaurant as my fren suggestion.
kinda many choices there and the milk tea was kinda nice =]
reached home around 12am+ den online a while before do my homeworks.
finally my homeworks was done !
online a while and bout 4.30am only get into sleep.
actually this morning 10.30am wanna go for badminton d.
but den the alarm can't wake me up and i automaticlly woke up at 1pm =S
so sorry tat let my fren wait me for so long x.x
after wash up and everything, 2pm oni depart to Quepacs' The Challenger.
kinda lazy at the start and kinda fun after get into the situition ^~^
went for lunch at Station 1 after tat.
received fren' sms during lunch for outing at nitez market.
but den before tat they gonna go for snooker and pool at tmn connaught.
seen tat I never go before so follow them for 'open eye sight' =D
my fren reached before i back from lunch and shower.
so they wait me for half an hour *paiseh paiseh*
the impression of snooker for most of da ppl is lalazai and lalalui play 1.
but den it's oso juz a type of healthy game or entertainment luh.
i gotta tried to play pool which is easier den snooker but den oso tak kena x.x
this is pool.
and this is snooker =]
after spend 1hour at there den went to night market hav a walk.
accompany my fren hav dinner and it's start raining !
but den oso gotta walk a round before back home cuz both of us bout 1month din go edi.
after tomorrow den gotta start upper 6 life already. sob!
anyway, gotta face it with a smiley face :)

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