Sunday, January 24, 2010

tired ~

phew ~
realize that, after today it is the last week of January already !! so fast
i'm here to report wat i had done in these week again =) *report to myself*
think tat i might miss out a lots of things here due to my weak memory =S
told you already, pictures can make me remember better HAHAH
i'm kinda lazy recently, owez wasted my time on facebook.
who can stop me from spending so much time on fb ?! help needed!
oh yea, 3 days ago i still received b'day present !
i think it was oso the last present for 2009 bday. heheh
it was a nike bottle, love it so much ~
thanks to sin hong, ida, kai yang, wei ern and fishie for the present =3
yesterday is school replacement for Hari Raya.
morning i did drove to school and it was my very first time.
forgive me for so excited to share it >.<*
school ended at 12.30pm and hav tuition class at 2.30pm.
i'm was soooooo tired and kind of bad mood !! aiks
gud mood in da morning =)
too bored during tuition break !
video call xD=))class ended finally !!
anyway, i'm was alright already =)
yesterday wei keong ask me whether today wanna go leisure to see 梁文音 anot.
seen tat it was convenience so i'm okay with it.
but den who noe this morning he put my aeroplane !!
so okay lo, i went with mummy.
i ask him where will she at and he told me at stage there.
when i'm there, it's was a singing competition but not 梁文音 -.-*
before i went back home, saw the information board and actually at speedy !
like this, let wei keong cheated liao ishhh
i'm kinda tired now for no reason !
sleep soon ~
mon - sushi v Qian~
fri- before tuition.
here some miss-out photos for last week post.
sat - it's having small rain.
sunday -pizza v mummy ^~^
off to bed now xoxo
p/s : 請別把別人的好, 当作理所当然 !

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