Tuesday, November 24, 2009


helloooooooo. .
i'm here again ^^
yesterday too tired din update here.
wat i had done in whole day ?
well, tuition is the main ..
woke up bout 7.30 am and went out bout 8am.
tuition class started at 9.30am until 6pm only finished.
tired + boring + sleepy due to not enough sleep x.x
finally it ended and reached home bout 7pm :D
den went to cheras selatan jusco v family and back home late.
this morning same wake up early for tuition, 7am.
but today only account tuition class so it's still okay :)
ended at 12.30pm and went to times square with classmates.
but i din join them for 2012 movie. heheh
so hav our lunch together and walk around to wait the movie start.
went to saloon after leave ts.
the length was shoter den wat i was expected huh.
but mayb will shorten it more, long time din change hairstyle edi na.
will i dare and let my long hair gone ?
kaka, hope so will hav a nice results ^^
process of making my breakfast by dear xD

before.after. share v Qian1^^ytd before cut hair.today after hair cut xD

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