Friday, November 27, 2009

movies :)

finally no tuition today !
seen like today only is the real holiday ?
went to watch new moon and carol christmas at midvalley today :)
didn't expect can watch new moon on the second day after showing in cinema.
had our lunch at little vietnam restaurant before headed for movie.
late bout 10 mins for the movies due to the lunch xD
his vegetarian dunno-wat fish xD
overall the movie kinda great !
but like not as nice as i expected ?
maybe because i have higher expectation after the 1st episod of twilight.
went for 3D carol christmas straight right after the movie new moon.
this movie not really nice for me.
kinda boring and i'm not so clear about the stories.

yet, the 3D spectacle not comfortable to wear on :S
but it's still cute for the 3D vision ^^
tea time at Delifrance after the movie.
chit chatting as usual den back home around 7pm+.
really thanks for everthings :)

p/s: no any pic of me cuz not so like my hair :'(

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