Sunday, November 29, 2009

sunday .

oh yea, it's sunday again !
early morning went for breakfast v mummy and some relatives.
guess what ?
dim sum as breakfast again, but i juz eat some, heheh.
after tat went to Voir warehouse sales !
it started at 10am and we reached there at 9.46am but edi many people.
when getting later, there were more people. .
kinda hot and i'm regret to follow x.x

we headed to mid valley hav a walk after tat.
most happy tat bought a dress at padini *Teehee*
getting more people when getting late.
so we leave there and went to petaling street.
hav our lunch at there and bought currypuff again, promote to my relatives xD

mid valley ->

the day is still young after lunch, so went to 1U.

it's about 5pm and just hav a little walk at there cuz kinda tired edi.

back home and continue 'boiled' my movie.

hav a great day ^^

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