Saturday, November 28, 2009

simple day :)

tuition classes for today held on morning.
wake up early in the morning and went for breakfast at yulek :D
yea, dim sum !!
long time din eat din sum at yulek edi. .
after breakfast went to fetch Qian and go to tuition together.

tuition class ended at 12.30pm.
due to tireness so din join my classmate go to pavilion.
went back home straight after tuition, good girl huh !
watch movie -- king of snooker and make me stay awake.
the weather kinda hot around 3pm + and im kinda boring too.
so call up last time i ffk de fren to yam cha at near near de damai perdana.
chat a lots and share a lots bout our life.

things changed after few months no meet up and chat.
bout 6pm home sweet home.

oh yea, my days past like this. .

p/s : holidays is boring if stay at home for whole day, OMG x.x

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