Thursday, November 26, 2009


the weather is sooo HOT right now !
and i'm so tired and sleepy edi.
guess wat ?
last night sleep at 4.30am and wake up at 7.30am.
the night before sleep at 5am and the last last nitez sleep at 4am.
it's holidays, tat's why manage to late sleep but i'm regret x.x
last night Qian came my house overnitez.
do revision and chit chat, this morning den went to tuition together.
we both was in blur and dizzy condition this morning.
felt better after taken our breakfast.
luckily still can pay attention on the lesson ^^
after tuition class went to Low Yat Plaza visit my dear Yuki, miss her much ^&^
back to nearby my house after hav my lunch and spent many hours in saloon again.
can't hav a nap, it was so pity...................
sumore a bit regret after straighten my hair :S
DUH, gonna sleep now !!

Nitez people.

wed nitez -yam cha v mummy :)
wed -xin mien's bday cake ^^
last night -
today lunch - memorable hainan restsaurant @ Low Yat

before straighten, kinda like ~

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