Sunday, November 22, 2009

my sunday.

why why why ?
i'm unhappy NOW.
i means NOW.
which means today is a happy day except NOW.
i dislike show black face to you, i really meant it !
it's had been long time i din show black face like now.
mayb tat is the way u spoke to let me noe ur msg.
but i really very UNHAPPY heard bout it.
sound like i'm like tat huh ?!
i really care bout it u know ?
can't u spoke clearly and straight forward without givin the example ?
i hate the example! cuz i'm not tat type of person.
mayb really is myself too sensitive bout tat.
well, sorry it is my prob!
sad tat u said so.
angry tat why u said so.
unhappy tat i'm showing black face.
finally, i told you tat i actually angry bout tat.
because i think i will be more unhappy without letting you noe.
sorry for my selfishness.
aaaaarghhhhhhhhhhh !!!
enough, i wanna happy.
i wanna cheer me up.
let's talk bout tis wonderful sunday.
as usual went to shopping today.
everywhere on sales now !
bought 2 singlet today, satisfy
after reached home not long time den hav an idea and decided to jogging.
me and Qian had been talk bout tat for long time but never go before.
who noe sky was dark and seen like goin rain soon.
so patah balik and went to balakong jusco sing k =)
taken our dinner at supper time before home sweet home.
hav fun yea ~
but still tml gonna tuition !!
jia you to myself and my Dear frens.
off soon, nitez ppl

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