Thursday, December 31, 2009

scare. fear.

it's edi 1am now.
this few days oso stay at home after sis back to singapore.
juz now went out to hav dinner at sushi king with mum =)
dunno why felt so down recently.
school gonna reopen soon.
i'm scare. i'm fear. i'm nervous.
why ?
why am I scare ?
why am I fear ?
why am nervous ?
is it because of exam ?
i'm not so sure.
not deny tat it's one of the reason.
just now suddenly think of one question.
what is the meaning of friend ?
i post it as my status at facebook just now.
no one give me an answer.
i'm start thinking, do i hav any of fren ?
i'm scare back to school because i scare the feeling of lonely.
the feeling of neglected by my classmates.
is that my problem of too sensitive ?
or tat's the truth i'm not lovable as a fren ?
beside HER, i can't think who else will consule me when i'm sad. among girl' friends
she is the one i hav no worry or fear when chatting.
now, she is far away from me.
i miss her a lots.
what to do ?
life is still need to go on.
u still need to continue ur form 6 life.
it was wat my fren told me yesterday.
hope i can improve my communicate skill and became more sociable after today it's 2010 :)
anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

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