Friday, August 28, 2009

free day ~

i'm here update my blog again !
hardworking, right ?
but den not hardworking in study >.<*
i'm very free today, stay at home for whole afternoon.
adrain ask me to watch G.I JOE but i lazy go to times square.
woke up around 1pm++ due to tiredness.
mummy cook porridge as my lunch =)
done tuition's homeworks and finally i wrapped my econ text book !!
found tat i owez rely my mum for many things.
even wrap a book oso need mummy help.
when i'm in primary school, my mum is the one who wrap all my text book.
while i'm the one prepare cellophane tape for her.
really thanks a lots to my mum
i'm sorry n guilty too for being bad tempered sometimes.
i love her owez =D

due to too free at home and think many again.

emo and emo, when think proparly i actually shouldn't think bout it edi.

felt like i'm just making myself sad for no point.

why should i care so much?
i actually havin a very great life now.
i hav lovely family especially very sayang me de mummy.
it's more den enuf, so CHEER !
when i'm emo-ing, i sms a fren.
but wat she replied really make me disappointed.
start thinking wat is the meaning of fren ?
mayb she was busy enjoying, didn't realize the word 'sad' in my msg.
so she didn't ask for the reason or any caring word.
i ask how she doin seem she was confuse for the prob she told me last night.
she can't get wat i'm asking so i said nothing seem she was havin fun right tat time.
her replied of 'swt!' make me felt like i'm just being busybody for asking her condition.
cuz she was nothing edi, the last night super-sad her was left mayb.
her replied make my tears drop cuz of sad + sad !
SIGH ! i admit mayb i think too much, mayb i'm too small gas.
but honestly i felt our friendship not as nice as before already.
just dunno why, sometimes the way you spoke could make me stun for a moment.
i really lost confident of myself !
i hope the last time happy n confident me will be back.
i hate myself being like this !
enougf, tat's all . .
luckily my mood was back after i went out find mummy for dinner.
after dinner went to 拜拜 at the place do performance during lunar july near my place.
dunno wat it's call, paiseh ~
sit at there help fold the 'gold' with mummy until 11pm oni bak home.
hav some nice talk with mummy too =)
saw a super cute kid just nw.
she touch my leg and say hai to me when i'm sitting thr xD
she just too cute with her smile and i belanja her sweets.
but too bad her grandma not allow her to eat x.x
tomorrow stay at home for whole day again ? MAYBE.

time to sleep le, ciaoz ciaoz !

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