Sunday, August 23, 2009

saturday routine.

it's 2am rite now.
haven go for bed yet.
today morning was quite tired.
can't get to wake up on time as the alarm i set.
went to tuition as usual from 12.30pm to 5pm.
it's rain heavily !!
quite troublesome if at outside during rainy day.
the 3hours account class was soooooO boring !!
getting moody and moody.
i'm sorry for not smile eventhough both of u keep trying to cheer me up.
really thanks a lots my dear friends =)
the suffer account class finally ended and my mood getting better ~
reached home den online and relax.
mayb tml only touch my tuition homeworks.
it's maybe only. hahah.
just now i make a decision n giv an answer for a problem/request/question.
although not sure am i making the right ones.
but still it's need go to a conclusion at last.
so, just let it be !
i really do hope i can make it =)
my life was actually great with my lovely family and friends, i should appreaciate it !
weee, jogaya tml night mayb..
i'm excited =D
wanna off to bed le..
ciaoz ciaoz ~

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