Sunday, August 30, 2009

tuition day.

oh yea, weekend started !
saturday = tuition day for me.
get awake at 10am+ and prepare myself.
not forget to online harvested my plant before went out xD
went to old taste hav breakfast seem nearer the place parked.
breakfast+lunch @old taste.the food not as nice as old town, the feel not as nice as old town too.
dunwan go old taste anymore liao !
still is support old town better =D
tot wouldn't late for tuition today d, who noe we r still late.
hahah ! paiseh la, owez is i late out and make Qian late together v me xP
when tuiton pa not sit with Qian so we gotta pay attention on da class.
mayb not fully yet ? cuz i still nt so clear bout wat teacher talking about @@
politic issue and sistem pentadbiran really confused me !
the worst is during account class.
teacher din giv us rest as usual, he said continue teach so can end class earlier.
who knows he actually spend the free time at talking bout how pro is him again.
really so hate to listen bout tat !
angry + cold + tired + hungry?
finally the class ended at 5pm.
dunno why felt stress during account class.
worried can't follow up mayb, hate tat feeling ~
but it's alright after few hours the class ended.
on da way home.
once reached mummy place den keep complained the teacher and my tiredness xP
thanks for mummy caring words, it's warm =)
hav a simple steamboat at my home just now, yum yum ~
mummy said not oily, no need scare fat, hahah !
oh yea, diet again ? owez says but didn't do it, tat's me xD
online, watch tv and chat v mummy just now.
raya back taiping and oct go singapore mayb ?
i hope can =D
tomorrow is shopping day, woohoo !~

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