Wednesday, August 19, 2009

normal day .

found tat i became lazy to blog since stop for a period.
but den i will still update often as i can =)
i'm quite enjoy the coco today !
bola jaring was really quite a nice game as i can said.
coco day was ended on today for this year ^^
although quite tired after played n sweat a lots, but it's fun !
recently after reached home den online until bedtime.
aiks, getting lazy once the exam over huh ?
kwan lian, final exam is cuming !
but den i knew i will remain like this until the exam really near.
oh ya, hav a bad news tat PPU need to study until 3.30pm during ramaddhan.
tot will be finished school earlier ?
who noe it's terbalik, swt !!
hope the letter we sent to teacher would helps.
holidays cuming, hooray ~~
although just 1 week, but better den nothing =)

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