Tuesday, August 25, 2009


20 minutes ago just reached home.
it's 1.20am now.
mummy said i din back on time as i promised her.
she a lil' disappointed cuz i broke my promise.
i told her will back at 10.30pm+ as i duno it actually until 1.45am.
she called me and i said will be back around 11pm+.
but ended up im late more den 1hour back home. *i'm sorry*
well, went to greenbox @ cheras selatan sing k just now.
5 person included me.
not bad thou, the time was damn long (8pm to 1.45am) and nt too exp @ weekday.
thanks my fren paid for me *kinda paiseh*
din take any picture at there cuz remind tat it's lunar july!
and it's late night edi so nt daring sumore i'm alone in d toilet.
stay at home for whole morning and afternoon today.
kinda boring and done some homeworks.
my mum blame me for goin out everyday just now.
hope she will still allow me out.
i'm not being naughty, bad or wat so ever !!
always being a good daughther =)
off to bed soon !
night people ^^

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