Monday, August 31, 2009

great day ♥

sleepy sleepy..
but still promised myself to update =)
last night 4am+ oni went to bed.
holidays gonna end so muz crazy for a single night de.
this is me, every holidays oso lidat 1.
hahah !
many ppl watch football match last night.
especially MU vs ARSENAL d.
heard many ppl scream in the midnight xD
2 of my fren oso watched til 4am+ oni sleep, geng !
wake up before 12pm today, 11.55am edi wake up =D
after dress up den went to ts, sg wang, lot10 shopping v mummy.
really enjoy today cuz bought a lots of things tat i wanna.
went to 又一餐 hav lunch, the restaurant we owez take order when workin at canon AA.
saw the familiar menu again, edi 3months din c it le !!
quite excited, hahah.
thr de 三色奶茶 really so nice luh.
i knew this drinks only when i working at thr, heheh!
when shop til tired den went to 6th floor drink 番薯糖水.
quite many ppl cuz quite nice to drink, hav ginger de.
continue shop shop shop til 6pm, tea time at delifrance before bak home.
banana split ~
thanks wei yuan gor gor came to fetch me go and bak today.
after shop til tired really lazy to take bus home, hahah xD
oh yea, saw pui yan at times square today.
my mum puji her such a hardworking gal =)
back home den online, watch tv, hav dinner and chat v mummy.
many ppl oso said this year no much feeling but national day is just around the corner.
not much public countdown party due to the virus H1N1.
sms came and ask for yam cha @ 10.30pm just now.
seem nth to do and just drink at near near so decided out v him.
nyonya kopitiam as my choice again.
think before wana go fun ok d, but need take time to bak home so dunwan luh.
hav a fun chat and kinda many ppl at da cafe.
saw some fireworks too, but nt as much as past few years le.
saw da fireworks and look at the time, 12am edi.
so finished da drinks and fries, bill den back home.
no need mummy call and ask me to bak this time.
hahah, thanks everyone who make my day today =)
appreaciate ^^

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