Thursday, August 27, 2009

project =)

such a not-bad-day for me today.
woke up early morning at 8.30am.
den went for dim sum as breakfast with mummy.
thought meet up kam foo at 10.30am for economy project d.
but den he changed the time to 11am and it's still early for me to take bus.
so went to saloon enjoy the hair wash xD
bus came once i reached da bus stop, no need i wait so nice.
everythings seem go on smoothly.
i reached thr 5mins earlier, who noe his bus just behind my bus.
so nice no need i wait again =D
den walked to Qian house and tagged her along to ming yee' hse for d project.
yin reached there kinda early and they watching movie when we reached.
so started to discuss what to do and how to do.
although hav some different opinion during the discussion.
but den i hope it's wouldn't affect our friendship kay ?
and i think it does not too, luckily =)
used some times to decide what info to put in and bla bla bla ~
hav our lunch around 2.10pm cuz our stomach playin drum edi.
continue our works after the lunch, i like the feeling being together !
yin left us at 3.30pm cuz she goin for her tuition.
we continue our works and finally done the presentation part around 5pm+ !
really felt so happy when finished it, den we only start do our buku kajian.
the same things again but write in different way @@
take turns for 1reading while another 1typing.
example :-
xDi spend my rest time by see da story book/comics - ge mei lia and jimmy's books.
both of the writer was kinda popular, most of da kids like ge mei lia.
few more books i had read :Dnot excluded some teen too, some of my classmates love it so much, L0L
jimmy's book is more bout art, his drawing was so nice and it's meaningful actually.
they was so successful and i'm start lovin to read it edi.
it's raining so we can't back home by bus at tat time.
so waiting the rain stop while continue our project until 7.30pm.
the sky was getting dark and don't felt to stay too late.
when preparing to leave, my fren said he was nearby and fetch me back.
really thanks for owez fetch me here and there, appreaciate =)
no need walk under the rain, no need wait bus, no need be sardin fish was so nice !~
reached home around 8pm+ just now.
although not a hang out day or wat-so-ever, but it's feel great.
spend the whole day to done our project together is a simply nice things !
at least not rot at home alone doin nothing.
thanks my frens for everythings !
again, appreciation =D
sitting position.
laying position oso can ^^

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