Friday, August 21, 2009

yeah !

weeeT !
holidays begin.
im still in happy and excited mood now!
just reached home from drink tea with part of secondary classmates.
today after back from school online a while den went to leisure mall.
wanna search for PUI YIN belated present and wrapping paper for my books.
i'm quite regret went thr quite early bout 5.40pm.
saw a lots of connaughtian n a primary school fren.
not really like it n dislike the feeling @@
cuz some r the person which i dislike -- lala one..
after bought d stuff i want den went to popular do some reading to spent my free time.
not bad not bad, but den still hope ida come faster xD
she reached at 7pm den we headed to maideen mamak.
both of us was the earliest, den others gals came n those boys was most late 1.
but den they wanna change place so they wait for we 4 done our dinner 1st.
when walking to d cars it's suddenly rain heavily !!
we were wet !!
quite cold when reach d restaurant -- taizi @ behind UCSI thr.
most of them were UTARians n talk many things tat few of us dunno.
luckily hav few was cochranean den share some our form6 life v them.
hahah, although hav some moments was bored but den it's fun overall.
suddenly they said very miss wee yeng so we decided go her hse giv her a suprised.
before go her hse den we call her to make sure tat she at hse.
they said wanna c who reach her hse 1st den we reached earlier n wait outside the hse.
her neighbour seen like worried n keep kap us from the windows thr.
make we look like bad peoples lidat.
hahah !
wee yeng was quite suprised n not so believe we were outside her hse.
go her hse chat a while n watch tv, bout 11pm we left her hse.
quite teaffic jam at cheras area huh.
thanks ka hoe fetch us home.
such a nice moments spending time v secondary frens =)
im tired n tml still hav tuition !!
night peoples ^^

p/s: really enjoy it much !

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