Saturday, August 29, 2009

friday ~

today friday already.
holidays gonna end in just 3more days!
gonna back to schooling life again.
wake up early in d morning before 6am.
finished school at 3.30pm start from tues.
day by day, week by week, month by month.
time flew !
hav final exam before the 2months holidays.
hope i really will study for the exam !!
woke up late at 1pm today due to sleep late last night.
hav my lunch at home den online and watch tv again.
done nothing about studies.
went to balakong jusco shopping just now and bought some clothes at seed.
addicted to it edi, if someday i'm being rich how gud it is.
can fully enjoy the shopping, muahahahah ! *dreaming again xD*
after shopping den yam cha at alam damai.
when parking saw some familiar face looking at me and wave hand.
owh, really is them, my ex-classmates =D
happy to saw them ~

herm, just now as usual go view her blog.
they went to genting.
rmb the day we went to genting ?
tat day i'm really quite hapi.
i'm learning to forget =)
telling myself 記得忘記 !
i should be hapi leave u earlier.
cuz i knew wat kind of person r u already.
ur relationship v her so gud bcuz hav it's reason.
and i knew already, ur best fren told me few days ago.
wat she willing to do v u is totally a BIG NO for me.
i will be live happily without you. =)

gonna tuition on tml again.
hope not suffer for it !
sugar dreams anyone =D
i appreaciate everythings i have ~

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