Wednesday, August 26, 2009

outing with classmates ♥

today hav mix-up-feeling for no reason.
before the holidays i'm quite excited for today d coming.
cuz goin to book fair and movie @ KL Convention Centre with classmates.
yes, i suppose to be enjoyable and happy.
when reached KLCC, flashback play in my mind.
it's the first place we met up at convention centre.
the first place we dine-in @ KFC in KLCC for breakfast.
it's the started of our real-life-friendship.
i actually already forget or the more accurate is suppose-to-be forgot.
but when i saw the places, i remind of you.
is it the reason for me to moody ?
i think N-O-T.
it's because of friendship too.
sometime i really do hope my frens understand.
really a big big SIGH for today.
back to the topic.
the book fair was absolutely B-O-R-I-N-G for me.
i don't like reading ? NOT REALLY.
just i don't know what book to choose. such a nice excuse eh? L0L
went for our lunch after the bookfair.
hav mcD as my lunch, high calories fast food again X.X
saw an ex-classmates if nt mistaken.
den saw an ex-colleague too !
movie session after the lunch.
the orphan as our choice.
it's really a great movie, kinda scary n cruel !
i'm totally forgot all my sadness during the movie time.
people who haven watch may consider these movie =)
all of them decided walk to pavilion and take bus at pudu jail thr.
me and qian was nt join them due to my dear Qian was not feeling well.
so after shop a lil' while we rest at auntie anne and hav some talks.
later on her fren came to fetch her home and i took bus at maluri there.
it's was so damn many people in the bus !!
really hate take bus at this time.
traffic jam + be sardin fish in the bus @@
went to saloon before back home, my hair shorter quite many edi !
tml still gonna go ming yee' house for the projects.
pity pity +.+
off to bed, night !

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