Thursday, August 20, 2009


the first thing in my mind once wake up was refuse wanna go school anot.
every thursday morning oso will hav tat lazy d feeling.
cuz the arrangement of thurs times table was really boring !!
3 continuously pa periods n the econ class is the last 2 periods.
owez make us sleepy during the lesson.
few of my frens oso will refused to go school every thurs.
but we never absent at last, why ?
cuz we are good student, dun wanna miss the class, hahah !
finally thurs schooling time over n now im home again.
sitting in front of the computer online .
after tml den holidays le.
found tat quite a lots things to do in this 1week holidays.
aiks, pity pity.
wish everythings go smoothly n can done our projects during the 2days time.
view some fren's fren' blog just now.
my fren told me before hav a boy treat his gf very nice.
but the gal owez ask for freedom n felt tat he too control her.
she went out v frens even in the late night which is nt allowed by her bf.
at last she broke up v her bf.
few days ago, she ask her ex-bf out for movie.
he gave her a present.
cake baked by himself.
he working at a bakery shop now, so he's pro.
he really treat her so nice which i heard from my frens last time.
the gal actually was so lucky to hav him as bf but she didn't cherish.
i felt quite pity for the boy.
they deserved for a sweet relationship actually.
aiks, nothing much i can say.
just hav tat feeling to share at here.
last but not least, wanna wish my dear PUI YIN
now 7pm which is the time she borned 18years ago.
you are now officially 18 years old !!
this morning still dun wanna admit wa, so nth can say now le ba ? :P
wish the cute 1 hapi owez n friendship forever =3

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