Thursday, September 24, 2009

2 days.

kinda rush in this morning.
tried to finished PA tuition homework before out for movie v feng wei.
but den at last tak sempat to colour it.
planned to watch 3D G-FORCE but den tickets sold out.
so ended with normal show of G-FORCE :)
hav our lunch at 'sek hou' before the movie @ 2pm.
first time dine-in at there, not bad thou, good try !
the movie was great.
they are so cute and intelligent, sumore can be FBI ?! :D
hav a walk den went to tuition edi.
decided not to join my classmates for steamboat session after tuition.
seen ytd i out from morning till night and so tired edi !
wish they all hav fun there :D

last night was totally exhausted.
tats why didn't update my blog.
ytd meet up v my account colloqium group' members for d project @ 9.30am.
they included ida, yi ling, kam foo and chan hoong.
interview some shops and get rejected.
luckily eCosway shop owner willing to ans our questions :)
after the discussion ended, meet up v dearie Qian for sing k session @ neway !
luckily we hav do reservation.
the small room was fulled and this is the room we get for 2person.
ta-da ~ imagine there are still a very monitor in front, L0L.

at first we tot they mistaken we reserved for 20 people xD
hav a lotsssS of fun there !
of cuz we full used the k room.
stand here and there, sit here and there >.<*
she loved me, dun jealous :P

after sing k session hav our tea time @ secret recipe.
Qian wanna do homework but forget to bring graph paper (i noe u sengaja 1 xP)
while i online to spend my time :)

seen it was still early for the night market.
we went to playground hav some fun time. .
while we did feed mosquito too, good hearted rite ?
den went to connaught by cab and hav our snowy @ 100 yen.
finally some of them reached and join them for the night market.
meet some ex-schoolmates too.
hav a very first try on the famous smelly taufu which strongly recommended by ida!
it's taste yuck for me.
but den really sooooo many ppl Q up for it eh, geng ~
hav a drinks at fun ok before back home.
reached home bout 10pm+ and im so tired until sound oso changed edi my mum said
done 2 essays before go to bed.
tot wanna update blog d but den i really can't stand it.
so went to bed around 12.30am :)
share v Qian and waste it at last >.<*

leng lui siow ee & leng lui Qian.

mine & qian's soda.

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