Wednesday, September 23, 2009

great :D

i'm back !!
these few days i'm back to hometown.
do not miss the chance during raya holidays :D
it's kinda fun, many nice foods !! yum yum ~
i did went to butterworth too.
ate a lots in these few days cuz the food thr was really nice !
curry mee, laksa, popiah, wan tan mee, prawn mee, cendol which is da best choices.
i less eat all these in KL 1, heheh.
found tat taiping and butterworth oso getting improve edi.
the shopping center hav starbucks, karaoke, cinema, fast food and many else.
the entertainment better edi, many youngster oso gather at thr.
although tired due to late sleep but den it's enjoyable :D
here some pics ~

butterworth' pasar..popiah.kuey gak.cendol.curry mee ! wantan mee.tebu plant ?
fan shh yip.chilies.homemade of another type chili.

on da way to butterworth.wat i had learnt is cannot step on da line. guess wat? it's the road of the big red ants !

ta-da! during cny there was many relatives in da hse and very noisy. so me and sis hav our dinner here, mummy feed us while we playing v cousin when we still kids xD

oh yea, had my dinner @ kfc just now.

den went to jusco selatan hav a walk.

back home only done 1 essay and it's 11.30pm edi.

sleepy sleepy, tml gonna wake up early for account colloqium v frens.

night everyone :)

7 essays !! :D

p/s: thanks for fetching me owez :)

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