Sunday, September 6, 2009


kinda an enjoyable day for me =D
went for breakfast at oldtown before tuition.
dim ji traffic jam near ts tat area.
caused me late for tuition about half an hour >.<
felt tat today class ended so fast =)
ta-da, the happy moment gonna begin.
which was meet up my dearest Yuki with Qian !
miss Yuki a lots, very hard to invite her out de leh.
meet her up at Low Yat den went to canon AA 8 a while.
IT department left only 3 persons who was work together for the old days.
miss the working days so much although it's tiring, it's fun too !
gonna thanks a lots the one who tagged me along for the interview at canon.
if not because of him, think tat i wun knew so many nice frens as them =)
three of us was starving, den went to vivo @ ts for dinner.
chat a lots and keep camwhoring at there.
Yuki was really a great fren tat i ever meet !
love her so much
not forgotten lovely Qian too
hang around at Sasa and it's already 9pm.
promised nt too late back home, but den still standing there keep chit chatting xD
mum rang up and she just nearby.
so decided follow her seen goin for supper with relatives.
really a great day for me ~
take care at malacca na =3

*pics will upload soon due to my card reader run away to lovely Qian hse edi ~

conclusion from us in conservation of today:-
~ frenship more important/trustable den bf/gf.
~ every boys oso hav their evil side.

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