Wednesday, September 30, 2009

school life.

few days didn't update already.
lazy and busy with homeworks and colloquium.
but sometimes we did hav fun in school too :D
today hav a competition of netball.

although we lose already but still good job !
we did our best, rite ?
just ignore wat they said about us, no need to be angry d *smile*
thanks to Qian Rong, Pui Yin, Siow Ee, Sin Hong, Pui Yan, Yi Ling and Li Min :)
overall, the competition is still great :D
but now muscle pain already x.x
some random pics here took by webcam in da class ~

wow ! poor monitor xD
candid ~playing ghost effect by wei keong! the bird is cute ~
showing class photos.

SIN HONG, dun shy ! :D

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