Tuesday, September 1, 2009

simple post.

i love the weather today.
windy and cold cold, felt nice !
teacher didn't teach for the last period today due to our request =D
but den muet hav project to do edi, aiks. BIG SIGH
wat to do, as a student we must done it.
get back account and business papers today.
both of them oso not over 50 marks, wat a pathetic marks !
it's okie, as expected oso.
dunno when i only will hardworking.
hard to change X.X

found tat my blog kinda boring huh.
everday repeating bout wat-I-did, where-I-went.
but den tat's my life.
just to write down the memories.
sometimes express my feeling here oso.
that's all =)
nothing much on today.
ciaoz ciaoz ~

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