Sunday, September 13, 2009


sunday !~
last night sleep kinda early due to not feeling well.
wake up at 10.30am today to finished my econ homework.
den oni went to maluri eat yong tau fu with mummy.
kinda rush to meet up for movie @ leisure as i decided this morning.
cuz wait for the food quite a time.
luckily i'm not late =)
straight to movie after i met them up.
final destination 4 .
i covered my eye most of the time.
dun wanna watch da disgusting scene.
the ending was kinda simply, not really nice thou.
but den it's worth for outing with classmates
3 of them left after the movie, me and Qian den hav our time @ gilly cafe.
found tat 1week 7days and i saw Qian everyday - 7days =D
back home around 6pm and start my muet colloquim at 7pm.
still left 5more questions to add-in den it's done edi.
will be finish it on tml thou.

i'm tired !
night everyone =)

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