Friday, September 11, 2009

movies day.

yea, it's friday !!
kinda excited today.
the last 3periods past with relax mood ^^
today 1st time watch 2movie per day.
actually wanna watch more den tat but den nt enuf time.
as a gud daughter i wanna bak home for dinner one, hahah !
the movies chosen was i love you, beth cooper & where got ghost ?
beth cooper wasn't really nice.
no point and kinda 18PL, not suit me.
but den Hayden Panettiere really kinda hot !
late 15mins for tat movie due to i back home took shower 1st.
after da movie den had lunch at old town.
first time dine in pavilion old town, da decoration kinda comfort me.
but den the waiter not really polite thou.
have our 2nd movie after da lunch, the time ngam ngam oni.
the movie - where got ghost kinda great !
not too scary, funny yet meaningful.
worth to watch it =)
before bak home hav a tea time @ wong kok restaurant.
on da way home~quite an enjoyable day !
imma lovin' it ~
chill chill n.n

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