Thursday, September 3, 2009


another day has gone ~
remind of MJ song ?
hahah, just suddenly felt like use this as starting.
hav our econ presentation today.
since morning edi start talking bout tat and start nervous.
yet i oso quite excited for it dunno why xD
went to lecture room 10mins earlier for prepare as teacher ask us to.
1hour for 3groups to present and we were the 1st group.
when reached the room we kinda worry and keep practice.
actually supposed to set up the projector those.
but den technical problem occured, the socket cant supply electricity.
ended up presentation without slide show.
think tat many audience can't understand wat we presenting nor not listening.
hahah, it's okie, cz teacher who giv marks still can see in da laptop.
kinda nervous when presenting, but we did try our best !
today just enough time for 1group to present and luckily we were the 1st.
if not need wait until oct edi, pity pity.
our lovely pn.Lee still said tat we hav done well and thanks to us.
she really so polite leh, actually tat's wat we should do ne >.<*
it's raining when finished school, a sudden of heavy rain.
luckily when reached leisure no raining edi =)
tomorrow friday le luh~ heheh
ciaoz ciaoz~

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