Wednesday, September 2, 2009

stay cheer !

today hav class until 1.10pm cuz today is coco day.
school canteen was so less people during 2nd recess.
why ?
cuz ALL morning session's students already bak home except lower6's students.
unfair, rite ? but they havin exam, more pity den us xD
went out school hav lunch with Qian and Ming Yee today.
Ming Yee havin a good mood today, so surely will have fun talk.
all the way go and back or even eating oso chat a lots.
this causes we late for coco activity X)
the activity quite fun too, just treat it as playing but nt for competition.
but Qian quite work hard for making it, heheh.
tml hav economic presetation.
quite nervous le, 3classes combined and listen to the presentation.
sumore we are the first group, teacher said mayb will get higher marks eh..
hope so it would be =)
everyone must stay happy owez yea.
as ming yee keep told me today : 人生有多少个十年 (in cantonese)
i think she repeated more den 5times or even 10times.
hahah, c.h.e.e.r.i.o ~

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