Sunday, September 27, 2009

enjoyable day.

seen i nothing to do on today.
so decided outing with my fren.
hav our lunch at authentic thai cuisine @ pavilion.
then went for movie, Tsunami as my choice :D
quite a touch story !
sacrificed for family.
sacrificed for lover.
the power of L.O.V.E are huge.
the world are unpredictable,
cherish everyone when there still a chance :)
went to times square after the movie.
have a look at the 8tv carnival.
5pm have a mini concert.
over all is okay okay and normal luh.
den we hav our tea time @ vivo.
bout 7pm there was a mooncake festival parade.
and we join them too !
regret tat we were late and din get to have the lantern.
quite a long time din play lantern and candle during mooncake festival.
me and sibling did enjoy our mooncake festival when we were still kids.
bout 5years din celebrate by playing lantern and candle le. .
miss the moment so much !
i'm a big girl now i know . .
hahah, anyway, it's alright and i can't do anythings also :)
reached home bout 8pm+ den out for dinner with family.
hav a walk at new opening carrefour @ Tun Hussein Onn before back home.
such a nice day, thanks for everythings :)
authentic thai cuisine.
crabmeat fried banana freeze.
this is the only 1 type of lantern i play :Dcrabiie. [dinner time]

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