Saturday, September 5, 2009


hav a quite nice day today.
when reached school den chat a lots with yin n yee.
chat until so excited.
why? good mood due to weekend is near?
mayb, hahah.
talk a lots bout movies in this morning.
many nice movie recently !
- orphan (watched with classmates edi)
- laughing gor, murderer, i love you beth cooper which i think nice
- up and the unbelievable suggested by yin
- the final destination suggested by yee
- where got ghost which coming soon
gonna miss out many of them huh !
den yee suggested go for movie after school @ cheras selatan.
but den can't make it at last.
a lil' disappointed but den surely my mood wun affected bcuz of tat.
cuz i oso a bit lazy to out and relax @ house seen only today can reached home earlier!
just now went to yulek (the place i stay for 12years) d 盂阑盛会.
suddenly felt tat i'm really big gal le when flashback da memories when i'm still a kids.
playing for the whole day during holidays !
rope jumping, hide and seek, barbie dolls, 跳格子 etc
with frens (neighbour / mum' fren's son @ daughter)
time flew, now i already 18 years old !
didn't keep in touch with my frens after i shift to here.
when we grew up, shy to talk v different gender frens edi (i means those who so frens during kids)
aiks, understand tat why last time my elder sis told me muz appreaciate when i'm still a kids.
NOW, i should tell myself tat being teenager so gud, muz appreaciate !
i believe tat when we grow elder again, the life will be more complicated mayb.
cherish watever havin ^^

p/s: thanks for the apple.
thanks for fecthing me.
thanks for the umbrella :]

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