Wednesday, September 16, 2009


it's 10.35pm now.
but felt sleepy edi.
during account class today wun feel sleepy like yesterday.
why ? because teacher will ask question, so need catch up wat teacher teaching.
but den now i still can't finished the whole question by myself @.@
mesyuarat agung for coco today.
quite lots of frens felt teacher kinda unfair.
erm, myself oso felt a bit la, but not a big matter for me =)
weeT, so fast, holidays coming !

friday actually start holiday edi,
but den headmistress din take it as holiday. -.-*
trust will be many ppl not going to school tat day.
im 1 of them too, mayb ? =D

p/s : thanks for mummy' breakfast today =3

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