Thursday, September 10, 2009


neglected my blog for few day edi.
cuz recently busy with those coloqium =S
2days ago find the muet info until crazy.
help my frens search due to they dun hav broadband.
search for 3title @.@
who noe due to my microsoft office 2007 and hers was 2003.
so the file can't read and need find other ways.
most worst is i just found tat 1 of them de data disappear edi !!
need find again cz tml need giv them le, aiks.
although lazy but den i'm still willing.
i dun hope everythings from u all, wat i need is just a truth frenship.
hope i wun get disappointed again =)
schooling day nothing special, the post seen like repeating eh ?
as i still rmb, ytd is coco day.
treasure hunt organize by scout and science social.
kinda fun~
although my group get 2nd last but the process is most important =)
after next week den raya holidays edi !
after holidays den wat ? FINAL EXAM !!
geeee, think hard to score well den last time ne.
today quite a fun day =)
the talkactive me appear, crap a lots and laugh a lots at school.
although still hav a small moment of today kinda sad.
but den it's okie, it's over.
weet, tml fri, weekend cuming ^^

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