Sunday, September 20, 2009


weeT !~
first of all wanna ucapkan selamat hari raya to all malays :D
pandu cermat kat jalan raya tau ? ~
7more hours den i will be depart balik kampung too.
hopefully can enjoy at there :)
let's talk about today.
as usual hav my breakfast @ oldtown.
new try - ham and cheese polo bun.
accounts of today not really understand how to do.
aiks, teacher ask me got revise anot ?
felt guilty but still i ans teacher no :S
went to nyonya kopitiam yam cha after tuition.
bout 7.30pm went to cheras selatan jusco.
tot wanna watch G Force d, but den the tickets sold out edi.
so changed to sing k at greenbox for 1hour after bought d bday present.
my day past like this :)
reached home at 10.30pm + just now.
done another 1essays, 4more to go !!
think tat mayb i wouldn't finish the last3 cuz no idea wat format to do.
sleep soon !
ciaoz ciaoz ~

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