Sunday, December 27, 2009

26th night =)

yay yay, the day i'm waiting finally arrived !
stay at home for the whole afternoon.
bout 5.30pm+ only started to dress up and did some simply make up :DD
reached there bout 8pm and went to find Yuki at the shop she working.
disturbed she working by chit chatting for half an hour until she finished work xP
den went to neway first while waiting Feng Wei and Jazz finished work at 10pm.
although went into there bout 1hour edi but like din do much things.
juz took some pics and bring some foods into room only. heheh
finally they came and we only started to sing k :)
quite some time din chat v them edi ne, really miss them so much !
they owez take care each others feelings and share a lots.
they were sincere frens i ever met, really do appreaciate
when it's 12am den they sang birthday song to me without cake.
so i tot they din buy cake d, juz use cheese tart and lighter to represent.
when the ppl came in ask for payment then start a conservation:
yuki - 'izit you left out something?'
waiter - 'yaya!'
me - 'ohhhh, i heard something edi'
yuki - 'no ah, juz my drinks haven giv me ma'
me - 'ohhhhhhhhhhh, yea oh ?'
they were cute, right ? l0l
den the birthday cake came and keep took pics again.
they oso bought a grape sparking juice/champagne for the celebration ^~^
the night they order kampai which i din try before.
it was juz low alcohol drinks so still can accept =)
we all did drink kampai ice, and kampai blueberry is especially for me heheh
the k room actually is until 12am only.
den bout 1am the waiter told us the room is needed for next customer.
so we went back bout 1am+ and i reached home bout 2.30am cuz fetch my frens back 1st.
not forget to thanks sky for fetching us back oso and apologize for x, xx and xxx x.x
thanks a lots to all my frens today ^^

12am-cheese tart represent cake xDreal cake session ^^Kampai-s2nd cake session =Dturns red @.@

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